Ich bin mit Kreatin fertig

“I have been taking creatine on and off for about 3 years. I am through with creatine.. my blood pressure was fine around 120/65 in high school. My senior year I started creatine it jumped up to 140/90. from then on I have notice my blood pressure get as high as 160/90 while on creatine. Every I get off of it, my bp goes down. recently on creatine it was 155/80. after eating similar foods, keeping the same weight, doing the same exercise, and on the same supplements, i got off creatine. after a week off of it my bp started to drop again down to 135/65. which usually you do not lose ALL of your stores in week. I’m sure in another week it will lower even more. maybe in general it doesn’t cause high bp, but i think some people may be sensitive to it. Seeing my bp is an obvious reason to never do it again. but, for all that it doesn’t affect, keep it up, I have not had or seen any other problems with it”.

– Bodybuilding.com Benutzer