29 Sep

The Different Types Of Bodybuilding Supplements

Bodybuilding is a physically demanding pursuit. A person who is trying to excel at it must fuel the endeavor with lots of high quality food. Most of the time, however, this is not enough to meet all of the body’s requirements. Supplementation is needed to bridge the gap. This can come in different forms and each of them produces different effects. If you are on the lookout for a bodybuilding supplement, then begin by studying the types which are available on the market. Then you can decide which of them suits your goals best.


This nutrient is critical in muscle building so it tends to be the most popular one. It is also difficult to ingest all of the protein required by someone who wants to bulk up purely through solid food. Many turn to protein powders that they can take alone or with other things like milk and fruit in a shake. It is definitely more convenient to drink this immediately post-workout rather than eat a heavy meal. It is also the cheaper option if you compare it to meat products. They are also formulated to be low in fat and carbohydrates.


These are meant to boost the effects of hormones that are already inside the body. A good example of this is testosterone. This bodybuilding supplement uses the naturally occurring enzymes to create more of the desired hormone. To ensure proper conversion, supplements also contain blockers and inhibitors against unwanted forms. Prohormones can mimic the developments which can be brought about by anabolic steroids while staying clear of legal complications. The laws often change in different countries, however, so it is best to check before making a purchase. Studies regarding them are sparse so the health risks are not completely certain, especially for long term use.


This is a naturally occurring organic acid in the body. Its job is to supply energy to the muscle cells for times when short burst are required. Examples of this include sprints and heavy lifts. Research into the subject has indicated a capacity for creatine to improve strength, muscle mass, energy and recovery. It can even be good for mental health as it reduces fatigue and enhances brain function. It is now a popular bodybuilding supplement as people are clamoring to have these benefits.

Essential Fatty Acids

The body cannot produce them naturally so we have to get our doses from the outside, either from food or supplements. Fatty fish is the usual source of essential fatty acids like trout and salmon. A cheaper and more convenient solution would be to take fish oils as supplements. You may already have seen these tiny golden beads. Flaxseed can also be consumed in its original form or as a supplement.